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The 101year history of planned parenthood business insider. Alyce faye wattleton started her career in medicine by educating younger nurses on birth delivery and the labor process, but she is most known and respected for her work and involvement in the national prochoice movement. Biography of alyce wattleton early life and education. Antiabortion activists rally on the steps of the texas capitol in austin, texas on july 28, 2015 as the state moved forward with booting planned parenthood from medicaid. While her mother traveled, wattleton spent each school year in the care of church members in different states. Wattleton explains the challenges in promoting birth control, dealing with criticism, and giving the organization a new perspective as she is the first woman president since margaret sanger. Former planned parenthood president faye wattleton on why. Most widely held works about faye wattleton life on the line by faye wattleton book contemporary black biography, profiles from the. Senator dole discusses the issues of abortion and his campaign.

Wattleton is an active member of the board of trustees of columbia university, the board of governors of the pardeerand graduate school and serves on the board of directors of jazz at lincoln center. Cheered on by carol mcdonald from planned parenthood federation of america, women rally on capitol hill in washington on july 11, 20. The daughter of a black female fundamentalist preacher, faye wattleton went on to become the first african american president of planned parenthood, serving from 1978 to 1992, and the first woman to head the organization since margaret sanger founded it in 1916. So faye wattleton finds it unconscionable that our most private reproductive function is the subject of political discussion and shed like to see any parallel in american life to such an. African american activist faye wattleton born 1943 has dedicated her life to preserving and protecting the rights of women, first as an advocate for reproductive selfdetermination and later as a catalyst for gender equality. President of planned parenthood of america faye wattleton talks about the founder of her organization, margaret sanger, on the 100th anniversary of sangers birth. As president of the planned parenthood federation of america, wattleton was a. In the second program in our series who controls womens health a century of struggle, wattleton sits down with marcela micucci, a scholar.

Faye wattleton is the first africanamerican woman, and at 35 the youngest individual at the time, to preside over planned parenthood federation of america. Faye wattleton, activist and former planned parenthood president and ceo, will deliver the keynote address on preserving the legacy of. Well need to harness the power carefully, when it comes. This is why were sponsoring academic work on the ethics of qc, and will look to build an industryleading ethics platform led by cofounder faye wattleton. While planned parenthood has become the goto poster child for the abortion debate in the us over the past year, the organization has weathered political turmoil for the last 101 years. Chaotic crises like the global pandemic can cause many startups to avoid investing and growing. Louis, missouri, was the only child of a church of god. This program takes place at the museum of the city of new york at 1220 fifth. She later attended columbia university, where she pursued a masters degree in maternal and infant care, according to. Other than securing the right to vote, one of, if not the most important right women have won in. Supreme court rules in the case the university of california regents v. On abortion, he stresses his prolife stance citing a quote.

Planned parenthood and the polemics of black genocide. With more than three decades of corporate governance experience serving public and private corporations, ms. Resilient leadership is successful in uncertain times. Thank you for clicking on the ads every time you visit to help pay for this site. Faye wattleton is an american abortion rights activist who was the first african american and. On the front lines of reproductive rights with faye. Eeroq classical computing is reaching its physical limit. Follow faye wattleton and explore their bibliography from s faye wattleton author page. Alyce faye wattleton was born on july 8, 1943, in st.

On the 101st anniversary of planned parenthood, the trailblazing faye wattleton, who was president of the organization from 1978 to 1992, looks back at. Faye wattleton served as president of the planned parenthood federation of. Under wattletons leadership, the organization secured federal funding for birth control and prenatal programs, fought against efforts to restrict legal abortions, and. Alyce faye wattleton abortion, parenthood, planned, and health.

From 1978 to 1992, alyce faye wattleton held the stage as an articulate. About new york blood center founded in 1964, new york blood center nybc is a nonprofit organization that is one of the largest independent, communitybased blood centers in the world. Were not saying itll be us, but someone is going to realize the full power of building a quantum computer. January 3, 1989 new campaign for an equal rights amendment. Faye wattleton 1 1943 womens rights advocate at a glance. House members and womens organization officers announced that h. Faye wattleton, the first black woman to serve as president of planned parenthood, stood on the steps of the supreme court in the summer of 1989. African american activist faye wattleton born 1943 has dedicated her life to preserving and protecting the rights of women, first as an.

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