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Typeset by the lunar and planetary institute, printed by publishers production. This section contains the lecture notes and slides that were used in the course. A lunar perspective stuart ross taylor lunar and planetary institute houston, texas, u. Electrical and electronics engineering, 20192020, master semester 1. Lecture 1 8182014 course overview, scope of planetary sciences. Advanced topics in earth and planetary science 101. This section provides the lecture notes from the course along with the schedule of lecture topics. Planetary science rarely planetology is the scientific study of planets including earth, moons, and planetary systems, in particular those of the solar system and the processes that form them. Ben bussey pdf presentation masursky lecture, monday, march 16 lars borg pdf presentation livestream video archive. Climatea lecture department of earth and planetary sciences. Dix planetary science seminarstopics of interest to the planetary science community are presented on tuesday afternoons at 4 p. This is a much shorter and more readable book than almost any of the others. Lecture notes and slides introduction to geology earth. Module matrix planetary science course, second edition 3 content writingreading assessment location or position can be described in terms of a frame of reference.

Members of the section are interested in understanding both the current properties of the known planets and the formation and evolution of each. Agus planetary sciences section encompasses basic research into the nature of planets and how they work, as well as the planning and implementation of space missions for exploration and discovery. Each course is an indepth unit requiring 912 weeks to teach. Home courses earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences climate physics and chemistry lecture notes. Lecture notes tropical meteorology earth, atmospheric. The geological perspective1 astronomy is rightfully abdicating much of the solar system to geology, as we learn more and more about the geological workings of planets and small bodies. Planetary science planetary science course overview. Timmerman and friedrich 2016 explore the migration of our species across continents over. This course, designed for students in grades 78, includes the following interconnected components. Py4a03 planetary and space science trinity college dublin. Petrology from the greek, petra, rock and, logos, study is the branch of geology that studies the origin, composition, distribution and structure of rocks.

He will be presenting on timmerman and friedrich 2016 and their modeling of past continental human migration. Solar system science lecture notes and downloads max planck. Find materials for this course in the pages linked along the left. Nasa planetary science science mission directorate. Natural and fossil fuel co 2 in the ocean ii 3 lectures pdf 1. It publishes concise, exciting, highimpact articles letters of broad interest. The following fields of planetary and solar system research are covered. These methods were refined to the point where they gave accurate predictions of planetary positions for centuries even though ptolemy believed the earth was at rest at the center of the universe. Earth, environmental, and planetary sciences environmental, and planetary sciences offers students the opportunity to work with openended, complex, and highly interconnected problems, giving them the skills to become leaders and entrepreneurs in the real world field and laboratory opportunities abound. Fundamental planetary science, physics, chemistry and habitability by jack j. Department of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences science in earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences course 12 the earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences department offers undergraduate preparation for professional careers in a wide range of fields in geoscience which includes geology, geophysics, geobiology, and geochemistry, atmospheric science, climate science, environmental systems, and planetary.

This section provides the schedule of lecture topics for the course along with the notes for each session and a list of references. The department of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences explores the the solid earth, fluid earth, the biosphere, and their interactions, as well as planetary science, solar system dynamics, and observational astronomy. It studies objects ranging in size from micrometeoroids to gas giants, aiming to determine their composition, dynamics, formation, interrelations and. This shift of a substantial quantity of scientific real estate is reflected in the appearance of planetary geoscience. This textbook is intended to be used in a lecture course for college students majoring in earth sciences.

Mit opencourseware earth, atmospheric, and planetary. We undertake this enterprise in order to better understand the history of our solar system and the distribution of life within it. In this way, planetary science tends to unify subjects in the earth sciences. The msc programme in planetary science aims to provide students with a sound knowledge of the underlying principles which form a thorough basis for careers in these and related fields, enable students to develop insights into the techniques used in current projects and allow an indepth experience of a particular specialised research area. Lectures in astrophysics, solar physics, planetary sciences, planetary geology, space instrumentation. With more than 2,200 courses available, ocw is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge. Groundbased and spaceborne instrumentation and laboratory simulation of solar system processes are included. The module contains 22 lectures delivered over a single term and is worth 5 etcs. We are working with the huntington to reschedule these programs and will post updated information here when it becomes available. The department of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences eaps is the place at mit where the turbulent oceans and atmosphere, the inaccessible depths of the inner earth, distant planets, and the origins of life all come together under one intellectual roof. Nov 10, 2019 introduction to planetary sciences the geological perspective is the brainchild of gunter faure and theresa m. This textbook is intended to be used in a lecture course for college students. The sterile moon may still hold hints of how life began on.

Lecture notes introduction to geology earth, atmospheric. Lecture notes earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences. Introduction to planetary sciences the geological perspective is the brainchild of gunter faure and theresa m. The 46th lunar and planetary science conference will be held at the woodlands waterway marriott hotel and convention center, the woodlands, texas, march 16. A manual of solutions for the endofchapter problems can be found at the books.

Earth and space science, life science, and physical science and technology. Planetary science provides an opportunity for these students to apply a wide range of subject matter pertaining to the earth to the study of other planets of the solar system and their principal satellites. Some seminars are held at alternate locations and times. Department lectures mit department of earth, atmospheric. The formation of planets, the forces that sculpted their orbits, the processes that shaped their interiors, surfaces, and atmospheres and the development of life all fall under its rubric. These provide an incentive to stay current with lecture material.

Hubbard, physics today the book is essentially excellent. Lecture notes mechanical properties of rocks earth. Earth and planetary science letters epsl is a leading journal for researchers across the entire earth and planetary sciences community. Galactic planetary science article pdf available in philosophical transactions of the royal society a mathematical physical and engineering sciences 3722014. The center for planetary science is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting scientific research. Planetary science provides an opportunity for these students to apply a wide range of. Planetary science planetary science encompasses the study of the physical and chemical nature of planetary bodies both in the solar system and in extrasolar systems. Students can work out the details by seeing an undergraduate advisor. A detailed planetary science teacher guidein a threering binder including. Its focus is on physical and chemical processes, the evolution and general properties of. Planetary and space science publishes original articles as well as short communications letters. Modern humans appear to have originated in africa 200,000 years ago, but the first homo sapiens didnt leave the continent until 120,000. Advanced topics in earth and planetary science 001. Mit opencourseware makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of mits subjects available on the web, free of charge.

So much nasa planetary science activity occurred between october 2010 and august 2012 that the planetary science division refers to this period as the year of the solar system, although it is a martian year rather than an earth year. Science planetary science is a grand human enterprise that seeks to discover the nature and origin of the celestial bodies among which we live, and to explore whether life exists beyond earth. The scientific imperative for planetary science, the quest to understand our origins, is universal. Homework is due at the beginning of lecture each monday and will only be accepted during the lecture meeting. This section provides the schedule of course topics along with the lecture notes and slides that were used in the course. European space agency background image, tim grove, bob oconnor, and vicki mckenna. Mars, he transitioned to the field of planetary science and moved to the massachusetts institute of technology mit. This minor is flexible enough to allow students to explore a general interest or focus on a particular area. Earth and planetary science university of california, berkeley. The william f brace lecture is an annual alldepartment event at which a distinguished visitor from outside mit is invited to speak on a subject of contemporary interest in earth, atmospheric or planetary science.

Msc in planetary science the centre for planetary sciences. With more than 2,000 courses available, ocw is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge. Earth and planetary science 1 earth and planetary science minor the department of earth and planetary science offers a minor program in earth and planetary science. Phenocrystmatrix partition coefficients for k, rb, sr and ba with application to anorthosite and basalt genesis. Division of geological and planetary sciences home. Zach, recently appointed as an assistant professor of geophysics at caltech, is at the forefront of developing automated methods for extracting geophysical information from large seismic datasets to investigate earthquake processes and fault properties. Nasa s planetary science program is engaged in one of the oldest scientific pursuits. Planetary science provides an opportunity for these students to apply a wide range of subject matter pertaining to the earth to the study of other planets and their principal satellites. A new view on gravity and the dark side of the cosmos. Messenger press briefing, monday, march 16 livestream video archive. Earth and planetary science university of california. Understanding planetary motion in terms of cycles and epicycles. Department of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences science. Lecture 35 notes pdf slides are not available for this lecture.

Mit department of earth, atmospheric and planetary. For the first time, an asteroid has been found nearer to the sun than venus. In most cases, powerpoint slides will be posted here as pdf files after the class. Course name professor section schedule location section type. It takes mars about 23 earthmonths to orbit the sun, and during the year of. The relatively small size engenders a friendly and personal place, offering a lot.

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