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Republica del ecuador 1830 by adriana morillo on prezi. It has chapters on the republic of ecuador and ecuadorians, ecuadorians and their political duties, citizenship, religion, government, elections, legislative power, the senate, deputies, congress, formulation of laws, the executive, the judiciary, interior administration, the armed forces, guarantees, common dispositions. Constituciones del ecuador 18302008 by barby borja on. Constitucion, 1830 political database of the americas. The constitution was adopted on september 11, 1830, by the constituent congress, who in 45 days. Sonecuatorianasyecuatorianos por naturalizacion las siguientes personas. The author observes the way in which the articles were received and interpreted by the actors on the local level. Nombre, territorio, limites, poblacion, religion, ideologia, cultura, economia, sociedad realizado por. Estado del ecuador 18301835 republica del ecuador 1835 presente religion. Pdf this article addresses the legal treatment of homosexuality in.

Abstract the article aims at analyzing the requirements for citizenship based on several constitutions coming into effect between 1812 and 1830 in ecuador. This is the constitution of ecuador from 1861, presented here in spanish. It was written by the 1830 constituent congress that met in the city of riobamba, which began their work on august 14 with the assistance of 20 deputies. Welcome to the new webpage of the hemispheric network for legal cooperation on criminal matters of the meetings of ministers of justice or of other ministers or attorneys general of the americas remja. The 1830 constitution of ecuador was the first constitution governing the republic of ecuador. Constitucion del ecuador 1830 ecuador republica scribd. Constituciones del ecuador 18302008 by barby borja on prezi. The constitution was adopted on september 11, 1830, by the constituent congress, who in 45 days, in addition to the new constitution, also issued several new. Descargue como docx, pdf, txt o lea en linea desde scribd. Derecho ecuador derecho constitucional ecuatoriano. It has chapters on the state of ecuador, elections, the legislative, the executive, the judiciary, the armed forces, the interior administration, civil rights, and observance and amendment of the constitution. Loredana freile, maria elisa paez, shelsy morillo nombre. Download pdf this is the constitution of ecuador from 1830, presented here in spanish. This new portal of the hemispheric network contains a virtual library that offers uptodate legal information related to mutual assistance.

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